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Attend Cambridge Literary Festival's Anti-Racism Events!

4 April 2023

Cambridge's Spring Literary Festival is running from 19-23 April with 3 fascinating events that revolve around issues of anti-racism & empowerment in the Black community. See below: Gary Younge | From Nelson Mandela to Black Lives Matter Fri 21 Apr 2023 | 4:00pm - 5:00pm | TTP Stage (Cambridge Union) Event Information...

Our Black experience at Cambridge

As a Black student of Cambridge ...

"I never knew anyone from Cambridge before coming to Cambridge, but I did read my DoS retweeting stuff about Black Lives Matter back in 2016. So, coming to Cambridge and meeting him meant a lot to me that I was assigned to someone who cares about my Blackness. He was all supportive and surprises me with his amazing support. So, believe me, that such support from academics could go a long way in improving the Black experience at Cambridge."

- third-year undergraduate student

“The dinner with the Black Cantab and ACS was the most positive encounter I have had. Having the opportunity to meet people who are Black and building that relationship onwards. It was great to have that opportunity.”

- third-year PhD student