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Black Advisory Hub

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Call for Papers: Black awarding gaps and decolonisation forum

16 January 2023

About the event Thursday 9 March This one-day forum is being co-designed by a team of student and staff researchers involved in the Access and Participation Plan's Participatory Action Research Project. Open to all Cambridge staff and students concerned about the awarding gaps that impact Black undergraduate students, it...

The Black Advisory Hub is seeking two postgraduate research assistants to develop the Anti-Racist Glossary

21 December 2022

The Black Advisory Hub is seeking two postgraduate students to contribute to the next phase of the Anti-Racist Glossary project, which was initiated by undergraduates in 2020, continued by a postgraduate team in 2022, and will now extend from February to June 2023 before final publication. The work will involve updating...

Our Black experience at Cambridge

As a Black student of Cambridge ...

"I never knew anyone from Cambridge before coming to Cambridge, but I did read my DoS retweeting stuff about Black Lives Matter back in 2016. So, coming to Cambridge and meeting him meant a lot to me that I was assigned to someone who cares about my Blackness. He was all supportive and surprises me with his amazing support. So, believe me, that such support from academics could go a long way in improving the Black experience at Cambridge."

- third-year undergraduate student

“The dinner with the Black Cantab and ACS was the most positive encounter I have had. Having the opportunity to meet people who are Black and building that relationship onwards. It was great to have that opportunity.”

- third-year PhD student