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Current Cambridge students' website

The Cambridge students' website is designed for current Cambridge students in mind and has information on undergraduate study as well as postgraduate study.



The University has created CamGuides as a set of resources for students beginning undergraduate or taught Master's degrees at the University of Cambridge. There are two separate versions:

  • CamGuides for Master's students
    This Guide offers tips and resources for academic practices and navigating Cambridge, regardless of your subject or College.
  • CamGuides for undergraduate students
    This CamGuide has also been designed to help students prepare for their studies in Cambridge. It focuses on academic practices and skills that you may require for your degree.


Student Advice Service

The Student Advice Service offers advice on a range of issues including academic concerns. You are able to get professional, non-judgemental advice on how to deal with any concern that might arise during the course of your study at Cambridge. The Student Advice Service is set-up by the Students' Union to "offer free, confidential, and impartial advice and support to all Cambridge University students - undergraduate and postgraduate - from any College or course. You can come to the Student Advice Service with any issues or problems you might experience as a student, from making friends to working relationships, from exams to intermission, and from welfare concerns to finance".


Undergraduate teaching at Cambridge

The undergraduate Cambridge website also has some information on how courses are taught at Cambridge. It should provide you with information on teaching methods including lectures, practicals, seminars, undergraduate supervision, field trips, study abroad and independent research, as well as work experience which might be required for some courses to explore career paths.


Library services

Cambridge has over 100 libraries and the biggest is the University Library (UL), with over eight million books and journals that can be accessed in person and electronically via iDiscover. You can access a list of all the libraries via the directory.

Colleges libraries also exist in all Colleges. Note that the College libraries are able to collaborate to loan books to students at different Colleges. Should you need to borrow a book that is available at another College, you can speak with your College librarian for guidance.

You will also have access to Department and Faculty libraries when needed.



The University of Cambridge has the country's highest concentration of internationally-important museums and collections outside London, and they are a great resource for students.


Language Centre

Whether you need to improve your language skills to help with your research, or you want to brush up a little before a field trip or a holiday, the University's Language Centre has resources to help you.


University Information Services (UIS) - IT support

If you have any issue or a question about your University email, a problem with a computer programme or any other computer-related issues, the UIS Service Desk will be your best bet.

Additionally, UIS provide a wide range of (usually) free IT training courses, including - but not limited to - developing basic IT skills, photo and image manipulation, desktop publishing, working with spreadsheets, and programming. Have a look at the training booking system if you would like to gain some new skills or develop existing ones.


Accessing useful academic resources and support

"On Moodle, there are currently online reading lists which I find really helpful. I also joined my subject group chats where I was able to ask peers if and where they had found books and articles. We also use these chats to split the reading list between ourselves to lighten the course load. I don’t just read, I also watch videos, listen to podcasts and search for resources produced by other top universities. Talks by visiting speakers to Cambridge have also been useful to listen to - they can be found on the College and Faculty YouTube channels."

- Psychological and Behavioural Sciences student