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College groups

As well as the University-wide Black student societies, there are many College-specific groups. Most Colleges will have student support in the form of BME Officers (or equivalent), wider liberation officers, welfare officers and smaller support networks such as College families. You should be able to find details on your College website or via your College JCR. You can use the College directory to access both your College and JCR/MCR website for more details.


Academic discipline groups

There is a range of subject-based societies for those who are either studying a particular course or just generally interested in the subject. These will be listed on the Cambridge Students' Union website or may be advertised via your Department. There is also a range of reading and research groups available in most Departments, as well as an Academic Rep you can talk to about any concerns you have regarding your course or faculty.


Decolonising the curriculum

A huge amount of work is going into making lasting change to the curriculum at Cambridge. There are student-led groups across a range of subjects who are leading this work. If this is an issue you would like to support, do read more about the projects on the decolonising the curriculum page and reach out to the relevant group.


Adjusting to Cambridge

"When coming to Cambridge I was really excited about formals because they are not something you get to experience where I’m from. The social side of Cambridge was a big adjustment because people at Cambridge are passionate about social events in a way I wasn’t used to. However, formals turned out to be one of my favourite parts of Cambridge life because they are so fun and so quintessentially Cambridge."

- second-year undergraduate