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To get started with knowing what is available at your College visit the College directory and follow the associated links to navigate to the various sections of your College website. Within your College community there are a number of people looking out for you who will be available for academic support during your time at Cambridge, including the Directors of Studies and Tutors.


Director of Studies

As an undergraduate student, your Director of Studies (DoS) is an expert in your field of studies and usually a Fellow of your College (a Fellow is a senior member of the College whose main duty is teaching, administration or research). A DoS will be appointed by your College to look after your academic welfare, they:

  • advise you on your subject and course choices
  • help arrange your supervisions
  • monitor your progress and help with any problems arising from your studies

They're also involved in the admissions process, usually conducting admissions interviews.



Both postgraduates and undergraduates get access to a College Tutor, who is also an academic but normally in a different subject from yours. As explained nicely on the Fitzwilliam College website, your tutor is there to advise on wellbeing and progress, able to offer help or at least point you in the right direction for a whole range of issues, from academic to social, financial and personal. See the welfare support page for more details.


Managing your time and staying ahead of your coursework

"When it comes to managing your time at Cambridge I focus on the fact that work isn’t the be-all and end-all - it is important to master the art of balance and get involved in non-academic activities such as sports and social societies. To get (and stay) on top of my work, I make sure to plan ahead and organise tasks into rigid versus fluid activities to make the most of my time. I would advise that, if you struggle with staying on top of your work, reach out for help. For example, I have a regular slot with my tutor to talk about how my week was."

- first-year undergraduate student