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Student Finance Overview

Home fee status students are eligible to take out a student loan to cover the cost of their tuition fees and support their living costs. It is normal for students to begin repaying these loans only once they have graduated from university and are earning a minimum salary, at which point instalments are taken automatically from their payslips, just like tax deductions. Please see the information on government financial support and refer to the appropriate student finance award agency for details of tuition fee support.


Cambridge Bursary

The Cambridge Bursary Scheme offers home fee status undergraduate students (studying for their first undergraduate degree) non-repayable bursaries of up to £3,500 a year (correct as of 2023-24) in addition to any government funding you may receive.

The value of each bursary is dependent on household income. You do not have to apply separately: you are automatically considered for a Cambridge Bursary if you're financially assessed by your regional student finance authority. You do not have to accept their loan offer (and can apply for a loan value of £0 upfront), but you must make an application as they make the payments on behalf of the University.

See the Cambridge Bursary Scheme website for full details.


Stormzy Scholarship

Launched in 2018, the Stormzy Scholarship now provides funding for 12 Black students commencing their studies at Cambridge every year. The awards cover all tuition fees and provide a maintenance grant for the entire duration of an undergraduate degree course.

Receipt of this award will not affect your eligibility for a Cambridge Bursary.