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Black Advisory Hub


The links in these headings will direct you to collaborative networking spaces in social media.

African Caribbean Society (ACS)

The Cambridge University African Caribbean Society (CUACS; Cambridge ACS) is a thriving community open to all of African and Caribbean descent and, more generally, those interested in learning about African and Caribbean culture. The society runs a host of social events as well as events that focus on welfare, careers, access and culture.


BME Campaign

The Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Campaign represents supports and advocates for all BME students at the University of Cambridge. They bring together anti-racist organising from across the University to campaign for change.


African Society of Cambridge University (ASCU)

ASCU is a student organisation with a mission to be a focal point for people who share an interest in and commitment to Africa. Their platform encourages networking and discussing discourse on issues of Pan-African importance.


The Black Cantabs Research Society

The Black Cantabs Research Society is a counter-history project created by students at the University of Cambridge in 2015. The historical basis of the project is to uncover and preserve the legacies of Black alumni of the University of Cambridge. The political aim of the project is to critically intervene in the constructed narrative of Cambridge, and to place Black students in the institution's past, present and future.



FLY is a student network for women and non-binary people of colour within the University. They host regular discussion forums where students can share and discuss their experiences.



FUSE is a society that caters to queer students of colour at the University of Cambridge. The group prides themselves on being a place of community, inclusion and discussion for queer people of colour.


Africans in STEM

Africans in STEM helps to highlight scientific contributions by Africans in STEM while providing avenues to connect, share ideas and collaborate. The society showcases African/Black talent in STEM and tries to celebrate and amplify African/Black voices in STEM. In addition, it enables networks of support by creating platforms for collaboration. 


Cambridge University Afro-Americans Society (Afram Cantabs) 

This recently founded society aims to promote the celebration and dispersion of intellectual, political, cultural and social growth, empowerment, information, and collective advancement of people of African descent with historical roots in North and South America, and foster a more accessible and culturally affirming campus environment through community building, intercultural exchange and social justice education.


Black Alumni Network 

The University of Cambridge Black Alumni Network, established in January 2021, aims to celebrate, connect and empower black alumni from the University of Cambridge building a strong community which connects the generations of black alumni. Their mission is to celebrate, connect and empower black alumni from the University of Cambridge. They hope that this network will inspire alumni and current and prospective students to get involved in numerous ways to build and strengthen their alumni network to better the communities in which we live and work.

Cambridge Black Postgraduate Society 

The Cambridge Black Postgraduate Society exists to provide a safe and welcoming space for postgraduate, mature, and clinical year medical students from the black diaspora to connect with others, build their communities, and feel at home. In addition to organising social events both in and outside of Cambridge they also host events that give their members the opportunities to share their experiences and discuss their thoughts about issues that affect the black postgraduate community. They champion their members research interests and support their academic endeavours by encouraging the vocalisation of studies among members. Currently their membership is free - to be added to their mailing list, students will need to add them to their basket and checkout through the SU. 

Black Cantabs Research Society 

The work of the Black Cantabs Research Society (Black Cantabs) is aimed at critically interrogating the politics of memory within the University of Cambridge by uncovering and recovering the ‘forgotten’ legacies of Black students and alumni of the University, highlighting their experiences and achievements, and interrogating why these histories were ‘forgotten’ in the first instance. The uniqueness of our society – the Black Cantabs Research Society (The Black Cantabs) – among several other student societies that focus on racial equality, inclusion, and justice lies in our ideology, methods, and approaches. 

Cambridge University Nigerian Society (CUNS) 

The Cambridge University Nigerian Society ('CUNS') is an apolitical student-run society at the University of Cambridge with a purpose to create a space for Nigerians, and non-Nigerians interested in Nigeria, to participate in Nigerian social activities and cultural celebrations during their time at the University of Cambridge. 

The Caribbean Students' Association (CUCSA) 

The Caribbean Students' Association (CUCSA) is a relatively new society which aims to promote unity, community and cooperation between Caribbean students and students of Caribbean heritage in Cambridge. It's specifically a place to socialise and celebrate the diverse cultures and people of the Caribbean. We have limes, fêtes, movie nights, museum visits and loads more throughout the year. Hope to see you guys repping your islands this year with us! 

CU East African Society 

CamEAS is a networking forum for students of East Africa/Horn of Africa heritage and friends of CamEAS who share an interest and a willingness to participate in the region's culture, education and development. CamEAS holds events such as film screenings, food evenings, a bi-termly speaker series, and informal adhoc activities/prompts targeting specific awareness subjects. Look out for updates on forthcoming events for the opportunity to make friends, learn and discuss about pertinent issues in the region, and get involved in CamEAS initiatives in Eastern Africa.

Utilising social groups or setting up your own

"The most prominent social group, in terms of support, is ACS. It’s great for meeting people you can relate to, making friends and having fun. My College community is close-knit so they’ve also been so helpful. There are many ways to get involved. I prefer to get involved in stuff behind the scenes such as the Black Advisory Hub."

- second-year undergraduate student