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The Alexander Crummell fully funded Scholarships for PhD students and MPhil students (flyers attached) are  aimed at home (UK fee rate) students with Black or Black-Mixed ethnicity, applying for a degree in a science-based subject at the University of Cambridge starting in October 2023.  Further information is at:

In collaboration with Queens’ College, Cambridge, the School of Biological Sciences is inviting applications for the Alexander Crummell PhD Scholarships.


These scholarships are aimed at Home (UK fee rate) students with Black or Black-Mixed ethnicity, applying for a PhD degree in a science-based subject at the University of Cambridge. The terms of the award include that you will become a member of Queens’ College, Cambridge. 

The Award

A maintenance award for 4 years at the UKRI level (£17,668 in 2022); university fees at the home rate; research consumables for 4 years (£18,000 in total).

You will also undertake a 3- month long Professional Internship for PhD students (PIPS) at some stage during your study, and will participate in training and cohort-building events alongside other funded students.  

How to apply

Contact (by email) labs working in the areas you are interested in to discuss possibilities of your applying to carry out PhD research under their supervision. Potential supervisors will help you with formulating a suitable research project proposal for your application. Potential supervisors are listed under these 6 Research Themes on the Postgraduate School of Life Sciences website:

1.    Reproduction, Development and Lifelong Health
2.    Organisms, Evolution and Ecology (including Plant Biology)
3.    Functional and Evolutionary Genomics
4.    Infection and Immunity 
5.    Neuroscience, Psychology and Behaviour
6.    Molecules and Cells

When you are ready to apply, go to the Postgraduate Admissions website in order to find out more about your chosen course and access the Applicant Portal. 

The application deadline is: 5 January 2023.