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Black Advisory Hub


The University Diversity Fund (UDF) is held yearly and provides grants of up to £1500 and is open to applications from students and University staff. The UDF is supported by the Alexander Crummell Fund.

The UDF supports initiatives across the University that aim to challenge discrimination and inequalities, increase the representation of under-represented groups, raise awareness of issues related to equality, diversity and inclusion, and facilitate implementation of good practice at the University.

Students are invited to apply for a grant. For more information about the application process and criteria, please visit the UDF fund webpage.  Applications close on Monday 22 January. 

The UDF will provide up to £1500 for initiatives that address one or more of the objectives below:

  1. Raise awareness about issues related to equality and inclusion, and challenge inequalities such as racism, gender inequality, disablism or homophobia.
  2. Increase the representation of women, racially minoritised staff & students and other underrepresented groups.
  3. Address barriers faced by particular groups.
  4. Facilitate the implementation of good practice in equality and inclusion.

Please note that there will be additional funding (£1500 each) for three projects focusing specifically on anti-racism.