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Black Advisory Hub


The Steering Group for the Black Advisory Hub (BAH) will: 

1. Advise and track the progress of the Black Advisory Hub’s plans to meet its goals for growth from ‘bronze’ phase 1 (student support), through to ‘silver’ phase 2 (staff development) and ‘gold’ phase 3 (institutional culture change);

2. Consider proposals for future initiatives to support Black students and advise on their priorities and timelines in relation to other related University strategic directions;

3. Provide advice, support and/or contribute to the development and delivery of approved projects and initiatives to support Black students across the collegiate University;

4. Collaborate on the development of a programme of events for students and staff;

5. Contribute to the development of coordinated internal/external communications and dissemination strategy on matters relating to Black student experiences and to the work of the Black Advisory Hub;

6. Advise and contribute to the evaluation and reporting of the impact of initiatives of the Black Advisory Hub;

7. Provide a sounding board for the project associates, staff and student collaborators as well as associated stakeholders to ensure that they are working to the core values and aims of the Hub.